What should a Great Dane be? The perfect Great Dane is a devoted family companion who has a wonderful temperament and disposition that suits his family. At Allyndane, we combine wonderful temperament with beauty far more than skin deep, though our Danes always stand out in a crowd; we breed for true type - temperament, bone, substance, length of leg and good health. We only breed from, and to, dogs with normal hips, eyes and thyroid. We breed for longevity and look for dogs that are “easy keepers” - meaning dogs who are good eaters, good travelers, playful, dependable with children and other animals.  

What do you want in a breeder? The best breeders are reputable, reliable and predictable in everything ethical.  We believe in total honesty before and after you take your puppy home. We strive to develop trust and friendships with our puppy buyers, to be there to laugh with you, offer advice, hold your hand or provide a shoulder to cry on.  We are equally proud of our exceptional companions and our successful show dogs!

Raised Naturally Now for a Healthier Future!  Our puppies and adults are raised on a Biologically Appropriate Raw Diet and we practise minimum vaccinations, both of which we adamantly believe, and have personally experienced, will contribute to a longer, healthier lifespan for our Great Danes.  We welcome homes and families that will continue the healthy start our puppies get, and would be pleased to assist you to raise your puppy in this manner. For more information on feeding raw and minimizing the damage from vaccinations, please go to our GALAXIES page!  Doesn’t your new family member deserve the very best you can give it in return for years of love and devotion?


2012 Breeding Plans! A fantastic black to black breeding planned for May 2012! Details will follow very shortly. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us directly for more details. Reservations recommended.


Allyndane is very pleased to announce the breeding of Fina and Axel!

Fina is a delightful girl with typical Dane temperament - very easy to live with, and she is a lady in all respects. She is an elegant girl with a lovely headpiece, dark eyes, clean movement, table top topline and more. Fina is OFA Good Hips and Heart and CERF clear eyes. You can see more of Fina on our "Stars" page. Puppies are due mid-March 2011.


Axel is one of my favourite dogs for his absolute love of life! He is a very large dog who loves everyone and everything. He happily lives with a neutered male and two cats. Axel is fully health cleared (OFA Good hips, clear heart, eyes and thyroid) and Homozygous Black. Aside from an easy championship, Axel has dabbled in obedience, agility and water! You can see more of Axel on our "Stars" page!

Fina and Axel complement each other in every way, and we expect loving, fun, Black puppies. Reservations Recommended.

email ALLYNDANE GREAT DANES or call me at 403 238 2824 if you are interested in this or a future litter.
We do ask that you be willing to complete an application form that we will email to you.

If owning a Great Dane has always been your fantasy, we may be able to make your dream come true.

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